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February 2023 Update

Dear PayTalk™ Investors & shareholders, here is a quick update for the month of February 2023


We launched the new PayTalk™ for IOS, Siri, Apple Watch & Android with integrations for ChatGPT, Food Ordering & Groceries in the middle of February 2023. PayTalk™ is now the world's first platform that integrates Generative AI with Conversational AI on voice assistants like Siri. 

1. Users & Downloads

We onboarded over 1000 users in our first week post launch. We expect the numbers to grow as we begin awareness campaigns on social media and other channels.

2. PayTalk GPT Adoption

The new GPT feature we launched for Siri and mobile continues to see increase adoption by creatives, individuals and students. So far we have seen over a thousand queries launched. This is such a big deal because each query allows us sell impressions to third party advertisers across multiple industries.

3. General Awareness & Publicity

We launched brand new Ad commercials to showcase PayTalk™ on YouTube and other social media channels. We are also working with various influencers to create awareness on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. One of our strategies include giving a $1 bonus for every referral of PayTalk by existing users (Terms and Conditions apply). 

4. Events & Podcasts

As Founder and CEO I was invited to speak at a few events. One of them was hosted by Project Voice Capital Partners which is the largest Conversational AI forum run by Bradley Metrock and Adam Cheyer (The creator of Siri). 

5. Product Updates, Innovation & New Features

As we continue to improve the PayTalk™ ecosystem, we also intend to onboard new features that compliment existing ones as well as boost the user experience as we strive to achieve greater customer satisfaction. We shall be launching our Alexa Skill in early March and  our flight bookings integration which shall enable users all over the world to book flights from over 300 airlines through simple conversations.

6. Seed Round

We are currently raising $3M in our seed round. It has been quite a challenging climate for VC funding but we remain highly optimistic due to the recent increase in investments received by AI based startups such as ours. You can find our pitch deck here

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