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Hey Alexa
Get me coffee every morning by 8 a.m

Get more for less on selected brands

Order food & groceries easily from over 1M+ restaurants using Voice & Conversational AI

Experience next level capabilities of Generative AI on Siri, Alexa & Apple Watch 

Buy tickets to sport games or events

Works on your smart speaker, CarPlay, display & TV

Citrus Fruits

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Take Your Sound

Top Headphone Brands

What is PayTalk™

Simplicity and convenience using AI

PayTalk is a revolutionary smart assistant that enables you to perform transactions and complete various tasks using your voice and conversational AI. Our technology is based on natural language processing, allowing you to use natural language to quickly and accurately complete transactions.


PayTalk is designed to be an easy and secure way of performing several activities like ordering food, paying for bills, purchasing tickets or even generating suggestions for different activities.


We provide an innovative conversational experience, so you can perform transactions with a simple voice command. With PayTalk, you can now experience the power of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) on Siri, Alexa and other voice assistants.

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Amazon echo dot 4, Voice controlled speaker with activated voice recognition, on light bac

Designed for you

Because voice is the most natural human interface, ordering food or generating work related suggestions and articles with PayTalk feels like a breeze. Almost like talking to your own human assistant. We are your handsfree digital assistant

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Backed by Amazon

PayTalk™ is backed by Amazon and the Amazon Alexa Fund

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